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So what is Knevil doing now?

Knevil has hit his twilight years, and has hung up his World Destroying Threads for the last time!!!!!!!!!! 


Update: 20th Feb 2004

We've finally found all of our films, which means that none are missing. They've all been watched, some for the first time in 3 years!! We realised just how shit they were! No amount of hazy eyed nostalgia could hide that fact, HOOORAAAAYYY!!!!!! We did what we set out to achieve, I think!
But this has still spurred some intrigue, despite the fact that have made 2 definately final movies, we might decide to make yet another: Dr. Knevil 7. Why do we always do this? WHY!!!!!!!!

Update: Tue 13th July 2004  

Well, thats it, it's finally finished We've saved ourselves from the torment, I think it's safe to say that we've basically dispanded Knevilcrew Productions. This was kind of founded when Knevil (or the actor who played him) said that if another one were made he didn't want 2 be in it!!!!! Which is a shame, because he was the best thing in it, and we all agreed on that (including himself). Also talks with the other members showed how they couldn't see us making anymore films "we'll have the memories, but they can never be relived" as one member said, which he quickly followed up by saying "Thank f**k for that"

So we say good bye to new films however the website maybe updated now and again, we still have 6 films in the bag to work on. There's still so much silly crap to be drawn from them. Keep your eyes open!!!!!!

Update: 24th Sept 2004

What can we say? FUCK, BOLLOCKS...actually we can't, sorry!!! This update is one that is quite significant to the KnevilKrew, as it's the final day that we are all living in the same County. Like a nail bomb, we were a potentially dangerous group that have exploded out, causing pain and dispare wherever we strike (look out potential employers).  

In retrospect, what were we doing? We were a dedicated....or bored, and slightly derranged group of people. Either way, we made 6 rather average, and beyond low budget comedy movies, 3 websites, a soundtrack, a DVD and a few VHS tapes based on this series, that defied copyright laws (that would not be the case if we actually tried to market them!!!!! I would expect that royalties would bankrupt us!!!!!)

So what of the KnevilKrew? We aren't sure......!!!!!! Why aren't we sure?!!!!!! Dammit Dr.Knevil,why didn't you develop a time machine, (one that actually worked, the time travelling toilet and micowave have banished many an unsuspecting and innocent soul to wander the depths of space and time forever, just because they needed to tip their skip, or warm up a delightfully nutricious microwavable snack!!!!!!!). Oh right,that was just a movie..........or was it?...........eh, what?!!!...it was?...Dammit!!!!!

Well that was an update.....SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live long and so on and so forth.......

"The KnevilKrew"     

5th Nov 2004

This is a random update. I wish we could make up our freakin' minds on WHAT THE HELL WE ARE DOING.!!!!!!!!!! The KnevilKrew have more ups and downs than the top half of Jordan!!!! We  recently embarked upon a new set of projects. "Dr. Knevil: The Music Video Series" is currently underway (Basically we just cobble a load of clips from the movies together and stick them over a piece of music.) with the aim of making one per movie to be added as a bonus feature on each of the DVDs. There are a few finished at the moment. Including a scarily good version of the Benny Hill Theme, lots of speeded up pictures.....so funny....so unneccessary!!!!!!!!!!