Photo Page 5, Dr. Knevil 3, More Pics, Violence, of sorts!!!!
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Put Yer Dukes Up, You're Askin' For A Bunch Of Fives and..and..yeah!!!!

Dr. Knevil fights dirty, who'd have thought it!!! But The Egg Team do as well so it works out!!!!

"Proove Your Strength"

Mr. P's has super human strength, supposedly. But this is his toughest challenge, a sheet of file paper. His bones crack and compact under the immense strain this puts on him. Soon after he is launched across the room by a vicious gust on wind caused by somebody opening the door!!!!!!    


Mr. P has no problem with a fight about to break out. He takes his usual, collected stance before the battle for his life!!!!!! Oh so dramatic, oh so low budget!!!!!!   


Toyota Man takes a leathal blow to the face, not that you'd notice 

"I Told You Not To Feed Him Wheetabix, It Always Gets Between His Gums!!!!"
Well, Toyota Man just doesn't listen. Yug is a most vicious bio genetically engineered, kinetic, multi-evasive frog!!!!!!!!
Dr. Knevil Website 2: 5% new material

Yes I know i've used this pic previously, but I don't care. Actually I'm trying to make a point, so bare with me, OR ELSE!!!!!! (Please)  


This seems to be a recurring theme. It seems that Egg really doesn't like Dr. Knevil, or it could just be that he likes caving in peoples skulls!!!!!!!!! 

"WAIT, YOU'RE NOT........."

What's going on here, Dr. Zeaus has shot Egg!!!!! Was this his plan all along? Something doesn't seem quite right. All is revealed in the fantastic ending. Actually, the end is quite tedious. I would say that it was because we used up our budget, but what budget?