Another lot of 'Actual In Movie Pics.'
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There's more Stuff.
More pics from the movies, at the moment it's only Knevil 3, however there will be more shots to come from the other movies, once we obtain them fully.

Dentures didn't heed the advice, now he's lying under Knevils' train. However, he's not dead, but he's only half the man he once was!!!!! Yes, he lost his Dentures!!!
"Zings' spirit lives on in YugI!!!"

The spirit of Zing somehow passes into the body of Dr. Knevils pet frog Yug, for some completely irrlelevant and totally useless plot device.  

I Finally Got A Date!!!!!!!

No, not with a woman, do think I'd be sat here wastin' my time writin' this if I could get a date like that? :-( . No this is just a capture from the opening seconds of the film, where the date flashes up on the screen. 5th of October 2001, it seems alot longer ago than that!!!!!!!!

"Ah, Dr. Zing"

Don't worry Zing, it seems that it's a sign of affection if Dr. Knevil points a gun at you. However, its a completely different story if he pulls the trigger!!!!!!  

"My God...It's Dr. Zeaus!!!!"

Yes, the introduction of the man himself, Dr. Zeaus enlists the help of The Egg Team. They can't believe they're meeting the man himself.....who is he again?

"You Destroyed Zeaus....Now I'm Gonna Kill Ya....!!!!"

Egg looks on smugly, knowing that he's about to get involved in a right good old punch-up. He's in for a shock.

"What Are You Lookin' At?....GO!!!!!!"
The commander of The Egg Team, Egg, gives the command to set out in search of Dr. Knevil. Pointing is what he does best, it involves the least amount of effort, however even some times this is too much!!!!!  

Oh God, there's even more, it's only one film, how can there be sooo many things to talk about, don't worry, the next photo page will be all about the violence!!!!!!!! (yay)