When Knevils Pets Go Bad
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After being put through brutal slavery and genetic enhancement Knevils pets have gone literally APE SHIT

What you expect more

The Monkey Clones !!!!!

These cyborg monkey clones were beaten many times with a wooden stick, being the decendents of Urko 6, the most ravaged of them all.

These clones driven by rage were more than welcome to savage and mutilate hideously denchers and even the local and daily mail man Retardo a Spanish man, thick skin, small hands. 

Allota Bondage's Pussy

This unfortunate man the mail man has taken the brunt of many attacks from Knevils pets so much in fact that he was cloned to provoke the same level of bloody amusement each morning

Here we can see Alotta Bondage's pussy firing into action as it consumes its latest victim

Maid Eggleton is Brutally Strangled by fag puss!!!!

Fag puss the disgruntled dungeon keeper has found and fondled its latest victim.

Poor Maid Eggleton was going about her usual business when suddenly fag puss jumped on her and started to strangle her brutally destroying her windpipe and ending her worth while life as a prostitue nun whor.

The slutty fig!!!  

Leave that Corpse Alone

Beefy-Flaps a member of the layers faithful dog guard squad loves to chew on deceased nun corpses, in particular Maid Eggletons, her writhing corpse has been laying in the lobby for several months now, but that doesnt stop Beefy from havin a good old chew. Go on bite that nun Beefy!

He wants Whoopi Goldberg for christmas. 

STEADY, DON'T UPSET IT !!!!!!!!!!!
As one of Knevil's Stenchmen attempts to calm the potentially dangerous radioactive tortoise, Shelly Bastard, Dr.knevil looks to have a rather cruel and sadistic practical joke. Take care with that paper bag Doc.
What happend to Zing and dentures after the shows?

Zing and dentures lost a ton of wait and stood in for 2 main characters in the hit show (...right) yu-gi-oh. here you see dentures and zing dueling some weaklings... they won of course... (why havent you seen them? cos they lost and where disposed of by the director)


foolish dentures

Dentures stood in for Fry in futurama but was beaten by bender because he foolishly took the last beer!!