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Yes, we're back with more useless images which aren't even related to with the films (Only the human characters are in the films)
Urko is far too crude a monkey to be in a film!!!!!

Urko went too far, and this time it may be the end of his ecape attempts. After numerous escapes , Dr.Knevil realised that if this web page was ever to be finished, he'd have to stop them. Hense the creation of the Anti Urko Unit.

He's doing it again, Urko has escaped!!! The Anti Urko Unit failed (because Dentures was piloting). Now a mobile Knevil clone is in hot persute of Urko travelling on his custon jet, constructed on a modified version of his typewritter. The Urkocet wooden stick would be useless due to the dense foliage, and the Urko 5 stick was damaged, when Knevil beat Dentures for screwing up operation "Stop the Rampant British Monkey with huge Robot and Wooden stick"!!!!!!!

Urko was caught, and as his punishment is a day in the Knevil Corps. furnace to think about what he has done!!!!! Dr. Knevil takes no enjoyment in this at all.

The factory is, according to Dr. Knevil, economically sound. Although, Urko did change this.

After DrKnevil suffered a serious episode he got amnesia and forgot about his plan to rule the world instead he went on to become Christina Aguilieria in the hit motion picture Moulin Rouge

Amazingly Dr Knevil realised who he was and went on to film the video for Lady Marmalade and grew breasts (much vommiting ensued)

A little to the right baby. Pete Blonde at the movie premiere with his mistress, now where did I put that whip!

Dentures, don't make it look so obvious that you are going to steal the award! RUN!

After the successful series of (no not knevil but friends) zing made his way to the film premiere after hiring a hooker for the night. Events that happened after were jotted down in the police log.

Oops he did it again! Here we can see knevil clearly making a pass at britney. He clearly states he hates her, but does he........really.....probably......we wouldn't say no. Especially in this situation.

Dentures, not live on stage, control yourself........he's ready to blow! Sarah Michelle Gellar, control yourself. It's like the herbal essence adverts, they have the bloody urge, but I don't think they're thinking of the shampoo

Vote Knevil. We do!

Kate winslet smiling as she climaxes from the excitement of being in the prescence of an established star. (Don't do that with her in front of all these people)

Britney spears after being kicked out of the knevil plant once knevil had his way!

Those are some damn fine breasts. Renee Zellweger and Pete Blonde recieving their reward for their film where they get naked. Pete Blonde enjoyed it the most we feel.

Cameron Diaz looks with somewhat anger as her date arrives, not many women are happy when someone like Eggnolia turns up for a blind date!!!!!!!

Is it me or has pete blonde put on weight! Sha'll we dance and make the earth move nicole (wink wink) Later on that night they got kicked out of the hotel!!!!!! no need to get so big headed Pete!!!!!!!

Dentures, why is he always right where people want to be at that exact time? This explains why is face is so butt ugly!!!!!

This crude monkey chef has just been told by eggnolia that all the corpses of the senior monkey staff were put into the chefs food by the stenchmen

Here at Knevil, we like to do things simple, pure and simple!!!!! Incredible

Ah The Egg Team, what a handsome bunch.

Thats an actual size copy of an insert for a DVD sleeve. The actual one used for the DVD case of Dr. Knevil 3. Available on general release when Hell freezes over.

Zing, just chillin with his old mates after the filming for one of the Dr. Knevils films

"What are you looking at me like that for? It's not my fault!!!"

A Bloody End. The image on the right is how we really wished we could have made our films look. Possibly with even more blood. 'Smokin' Guns'.

Commander Egg prepares to brief his most loyal Egg Team on the impending doom that awaits them!!!!! Good luck commander

This is the defensive Gnome, he keeps control of the perimeters of the Knevil Main Building. You haven't got anything to worry about, just don't laugh at his hat!!!!!!!

Dentures will fast become Gums again if he doesn't gain any traffic sense. Get out of the way of the bloody train!!!!

Dr. Knevil looks thrilled with his elite team of body guards surrounding him. Would you entrust your life with this lot? Knevil doesn't, but he's too proud to admit that he made a mistake in the first place!!!!!!