Where, Where, Where, Where's Wally, er.... I mean, Where's Knevil?
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Hey kids, it's competition time!!!!!!

Well not really a competition, there's no prize, and if you contact us with the answer, there are Knevil website staff on call 24 hours a day, specifically to ingnore your response.

Anyway, the game. Surely everyone in the free world has heard of a series of books known as 'Where's Wally?' (or if you're American, 'Where's Waldo?', what the hell kind of name is Waldo?) Knevil certainly has and so we at Knevil Krew have decided to rip off.... er...pay homage to this series, in this section of our website, 'Where's Knevil?'. The object of the game? Search through this painstakingly altered crowd of people and see if you can spot the great Doctor Knevil himself.           

What Does Knevil Look Like You Ask? What The Hell Have You Been Looking At On This Site Then?!!!!!


In the following picture, you will see a large collection of faces from the Knevil film series. However there is only one of the Actual Doctor himself. Also, just to make it that much more difficult for his enemies to spot him, he has gone in disguise......as Wally!!!!!! Nice to see him entering into the spirit of things. So look for this person wearing glasses and a red and white hat!!!!! er...yeah!!!!!!!.......Enjoy   

He's In There Somewhere, But Can You Find Him?

The Evil Dr Knevil, is he really evil? We at the web creation department would say that he's more cruel than evil, is taking a fun day out at the fairground, can you spot him before The Egg Team, Marleys' Angels, Anex Team, Mr Sexymuchos' Dojo Crew, Pete Blondes Crusaders or any other of the incompitent Squads who are trying to collect the Bounty on Knevils' head. Good job it's not a Bounty ice-cream otherwise it would have melted long ago, eh? Eh? Oh come on....it wasn't that bad a gag!!!!! Surely!!!     

For the answer, simply highlight the white text that follows this smiley face

:-):" Dr. Knevil is sat in the bumper car with Zing, and chasing Dentures. How in the name of hell is that cart still working?!!!! "  

Disclaimer.....The image and Wheres Wally series are both rights of their respective owners and are not affiliated in any way with the creators of this website. Thank You.