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Finally, some NEWS!!!!!!!

Welcome to our new look site which is not really looking new or any changes done to it.........(please wait a moment. We are experiencing technical difficulties while I beat up wheeler as this is the third time I had toi type this up because some moron clicked save before update and if i have to tpye this up again it will make me most ANGRY!!!!) Back to the case.....now we are much older and considerablly less wiser we have now founded the purchase (after a grant from the government before those iraqi people get it) for a TV Card and Digital Camcorder which will mean we are able to digitally edit these films and make them look at least a quarter decent. This would also mean that these films after being premiered on marks television that we have something to rival julia roberts, harisson for, arnold whats his chops and julie andrews.........yes, you have guessed it, we are in need of some sort of medication, but apart from that, yes dear friends (all 4 of you that view this site inlcuding myself writing the article and the idiot, i mean dentures sitting next to me, so really I have no need for writing this as I could just talk to you all, however, now i'm drifting......where was I...oh yes. No I can't remember.

Oh yes.....these films are coming to DVD and with our latest hardware upgrades I truley feel that Mr Steven "your films are crap and better than ours, yeah right" Spielberg should stop pinching our ideas and should be looking over his shouolder as there is a man behind him about to cream him with a pie and our effects will rival his......no really.....yes really, no I really mean it.........p*ss off then.

Coming Soon - Knevil the films on DVD 2008 (maybe sooner or later than broadcasted, sooner if dentures gets his way.)

This is one of my favorite images-yeah right Anex's Anal Discharge is Crude and Pestulant

We told you her discharge was bad, and no, she is not dying (unfortunately.) Your money could save people alot of bother and having to put up with the stench...........send it now.........ahhhhhhhh.

Wait Anex NO!!!!!!!!!! not again (more discharge, crap)

  Anex's Anal Discharge

Yes she does talk a load of shit we all know but she does bring some interesting and dirrty celebrity news.

Send your money to PO Box 159, thatcham, newbury, rg19 3xs. Please, charity starts here. Your money will be used inorder to correct anex's discharge. Thank You!

She must be stopped before the evil murdock ruler of all the wet ones comes to this planet and uses anex's discharge to his own greedy and filthy and perhaps kinky means. (Although if he really wants them, we don't so if you don't send the money we will have to surrender anex's discharges to the U.N) 

More Bodily Dis-Functions

After strains of salmonela and SARS was found in the knevil layer kitchen many of Dr. Knevils stenchmen have subcome to brutally disgusting bodily miss firings and oropheus leakage. All bar Dr. Knevil himself who always eats out.

It is believed these diseases were spread when monkeys were hired as kitchen staff, Urko himself was found bent over a fat fryer. Someone got the wooden stick, he was most unhappy. Several monkey corpses have often been found in eggnolias loungery basket, he wears them on a regular basis especially whilst cooking; as a result these diseases have spread through  the layer like wild fire.

(It is also possible that the monkey faeces and spit also contributed to these diseases occuring, they do love to defacate)   

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Dr Knevil the Animal Rights Activist

For a long time Dr. Knevil has been an adament animal rights activist up to the age of 2 that is after this age he was brutally molested by a monkey or it could have been michael jackson in a pre-white form, in any case since that time came to pass Dr. Knevil swore to enslave all lesser beings on this planet pigeons, apes, pat butcher.

You name it, he's enslaved it.

Treating them as he would denchers his monkey slaves went onto become script writers, web designers and rather comfortable slippers; not all bad then.  

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This is one of my favorite images

This is eggnolia restling one of the chef monkeys lovingly named Jamie Oliver, Jamie and his annoying lisp was later killed and used as a thong PUCKER 

Equality at its Best

Some monkeys, particularly free range ones are simply born into labour, other individuals, like Anex are simply born into bondage!