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the ultimate, ZING
yes, yes, yes. i am in sixth form, and no i never have work to do. i have 10 'free' or study periods and 10 lessons per week. the rest of them have about 3 or 4 frees and 17 or 18 lessons. i am so bored i have done some to this site. (Note from the editor: Zing has now finished the Sixth Form......and has a temp job, in which he does no work!!!!!) 

i just love it
i am here playing games and they are all slaving on coursework. i going to take the knevil car out for a spin. (litterly)

i am the only one who has time to this
dont expect to much interlicual talk or corect spelling as i am doing this site my way. (untill knevil sees it)

thank you egg, uh i mean zing for being so selfish as to only talk about yourself where you would be nothing without the rest of us. Just because your too dumb to have lots of lessons while the brains of the crew increase their intelligence and come up with more useful stuff. There I have said my bit.........now fu*k complete this site.Hm