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Good News Eveyone!

We have a new site to build, Get On With It.
Welcome fans of Knevil
As you may or not know Dr.Knevil is a highly successful film series filmed in the UK and published with great success in Sweden, where it is looked upon as decent viewing.
Whilst many are sceptical about the high paid casts sanity there are many elements of the movies to enjoy.
So far there has been five Dr.Knevil movies with fast approaching sixth film (a hallowen special) in the making.

Urko Website Creator
This is Urko web builder for Dr.Knevil.
Urko works under forced conditions to complete his work as you can see Knevil would know if he left his post.
No pressure !

What's To Come?

Good lord..it's the end of an era (For Christs sake...get on with it!!!!!!)

We at at Knevilproductions have made the 'mature' decision to quit at 6. The Department of Motion Pictures at Knevilproductions has closed down for good (see the 'What's New Page). That doesn't mean that other sections of our operations will stop completely, this website still isn't safe from our ramblings and such!!!!!! Also there's the matter of DVD writing and editing, I love the new digital age!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ Sound FX and the lot......... 

By the way, there's a third Knevil website, dedicated to just information specific to the production of the movies, made as a singular effort by one of the Knevil Crew, we think he did a damn good job of it too. Well done Toyota Man. Visit www.geocities.com/knevilfilms and be enlightened. 

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!!!!! If you visit this site, it's very likely that you will be able to download some Knevil video files!!!!! FINALLY!!! Hopefully, this will work!!!!  ftp://Vids:vids@thesite.dynalias.com/Videos/

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"And so, the time has come...it's time to face, the final curtain......OH SHUT UP!!!!!!!"

The Knevil Crew have 'grown up slightly' from the launch of the first website (You'd never believe it). We've been through our A Levels and are looking at our results thinkin, was it worth it?!!!! Now we've finished in the sixthform, we look for employment and some, well....1, are heading for University (Yes you guessed it, Knevil). The Knevilkrew have had to disban, the websites are slowly finishing completion, the summer of 2004 gave plenty of time to update them more than they have been done in the last 2 years!!!!!!!

We say to Dr. Knevil fans.....all 2 of u (and even thats wishful thinking!!!!) Thanks for supporting 'Project Knevil'......and, SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Knevil
Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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IF YOU'VE COME HERE FIRST, IT'S ADVISED YOU VISIT OUR FIRST SITE; WWW.KNEVIL.FREEWEBSPACE.COM, (Don't we sound like a bunch of cheepskates, bleed 'em dry!!!!)